Essay outlining is a simple process by which the student constructs the “skeleton” of the essay as a way of organizing thoughts and ideas before starting to write. The basic idea of an essay outline is to list the major points in the order in which you will discuss them. This enables you to think through your essay logically and consider all the material that needs to go into it.

            Many students find the act of outlining difficult, often for a number of reasons. First, most students aren’t trained in thinking through from beginning to end, preferring instead to “make it up as they go along” with the idea that writing without a plan saves time that might be wasted outlining. In fact, the opposite is true. A good outline will help you write faster by removing the extra time needed to think through the next point to discuss.

            Other times, students find outlining hard because they do not make the connection between the outline and the finished product, viewing them instead as separate assignments that make for more busywork. Instead, you need to understand that the outline is just a summary of what goes into the essay, a way of “pre-writing” the paper before you write it.(build your own essay now)

            Lastly, students find outlining hard because they haven’t done the research or put time into thinking about the paper. Outlines are successful when the student has devoted time and effort to thinking about them, effort that’s rewarded in stronger final essays that are easier to write because much of the work is already done.

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